Patient Information

178061884Bluepoint Wellness of Connecticut is an extraordinary facility that offers outstanding patient care. Our team of experts works together to ensure that you receive the best possible patient experience and treatment options. We listen to our patients, empathize with our patients, and educate our patients.

Patients with a Connecticut issued Medical Marijuana Certificate must select a dispensary with the Department of Consumer Protection. Once Bluepoint Wellness of Connecticut is selected, patients can visit and purchase their medical cannabis at our facility.

Patient Appointments

To best serve our patients, we do require appointments. Patient appointments can be booked online through our website or by calling the facility at 203-488-1388. Appointments are categorized into the following:

New Patient Consultation 

This appointment is for patients visiting the facility for the fist time. A pharmacist will meet one-on-one with each patient or caregiver. Discussions will include topics such as medication history, treatment goals, strain selection, inhalation techniques, and patient concerns. This appointment is 20-30 minutes.


Follow-up Appointment 

This appointment is for returning patients. A pharmacist will discuss medication response, side effects, treatment goals, strains, inhalations techniques, and patient concerns. This appointment is usually 15-20 minutes.


Refill Appointment

If you are a returning customer and know which strain you’d like to have filled, then this appointment is for you. Simply schedule an appointment and then place an order through our online ordering system. This appointment is recommended for patients that are knowledgeable about medical cannabis and strain selection. A pharmacist will meet with you for a quick follow-up. This appointment will last about 10-15 minutes and save you time at the facility.


We demonstrate and follow a commitment to honesty, confidentiality and respect.

Patient Centered
Putting the patient first and looking out for their best interest.

We strive to exceed patient expectations for comfort and convenience.

We demonstrate our commitment to the highest level of care by providing a caring and supportive environment for patients and caregivers.

We strive to seek better and more efficient ways to improve patient experiences.

Scheduling a New Patient Appointment

Scheduling a Refill Appointment

When arriving at Bluepoint Wellness of Connecticut, please press your finger to the touchpad located to the left side of the front door. A staff member will ask your name and once your appointment is verified you will be allowed to enter the facility. Once in the facility, please check in at the “Patient Check-In” window.

Please remember to bring a legal form of identification such as your driver’s license along with your state issued medical marijuana certificate.  

We strongly recommend patients or caregivers arriving 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete intake forms and look at our menuboard.

Additional Assistance

If you are disabled and would like additional assistance entering the facility, please indicate to our staff when booking an appointment. Our staff is happy to provide any assistance, if needed.

Preventing the Loss, Theft, or Misuse of Marijuana by Patients and Caregivers

A qualifying patient and primary caregiver shall store marijuana in a secure location to prevent theft, loss, or access by unauthorized persons. Qualifying patients and primary caregivers shall carry their registration certificate with them whenever they are in possession of marijuana.

Additional Privacy
Patient privacy and comfort is extremely important to the staff at Bluepoint Wellness. If you, the patient or caregiver, would like to avoid being seated in the waiting room and prefer additional privacy, please indicate this to our staff when booking your appointment.

General Information
Patients and caregivers are the only individuals allowed in the facility. If someone is providing you a ride to the facility, please make accommodations by having them wait outside the facility.

The monthly maximum allowance is 2.5 ounces unless otherwise indicated by your physician.

The law prohibits opening the medicine within the facility unless a written request is obtained to remove the marijuana product from the producer’s child-resistant container or package and place it in a non-child resistant, secure and light-sensitive container.

Proper Disposal of Marijuana by Patients or Caregivers

A patient or caregiver shall dispose of all usable marijuana in the patient’s or caregiver’s possession no later than ten calendar days after the expiration of the patient’s registration certificate, if such certificate is not renewed, or sooner,. Patients and caregivers have two options for disposal: (1) By rendering the marijuana non-recoverable in accordance with the department’s proper disposal instructions, which are available on the department’s Internet web site at; (2) By depositing it in a Connecticut police department medication drop-box.